Project: Development of a Creative Hub for offering support to fashion graduates, young artists start-ups and development mechanisms to the fashion sector of the cross-border area

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Start date: 13.04.2021

Project duration: 24 months


  1. Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Greece (Lead Partner)
  2. Hellenic Fashion Industry Association, Greece
  3. Gnosi Anaptixiaki NGO, Greece
  4. Textile and Clothes Branch Organisation, Bulgaria
  5. Association Savremie, Bulgaria

The main objective of the project is the development and establishment of the Creative Hub that will operate as a support mechanism for SMEs and young graduates in the fashion sector (clothing, knitting, embroidery, textiles). The Hub will provide a great range of services including networking, consulting services, technological services, training seminars – business workshops. The project is expected to bring about a significant change in promoting entrepreneurship in the textile industry and will also provide an integrated framework and support system for fashion stakeholders.

The specific objectives of the project are:

* To set up and develop a laboratory for the design of high-quality products and the development of prototypes

* To provide support services to unemployed and self-employed workforce or managers for promoting innovation, creativity & entrepreneurship in the fashion sectors

* To raise awareness of fashion companies on current and upcoming fashion trends

* To provide targeted consulting services for the development of attractive collections and products

* To offer specialised training and technical guidelines on the creation of technical files for the development of industrialized products

* To offer integrated services for the implementation of technical guidelines as well as of international standards

* To help businesses of the sector identify and take advantage of new sources of funding at the CB area in order to develop and expand export activities, becoming thereby more competitive and sustainable

* To enhance the skills of professionals of different categories (graduates, students, managers, designers) by offering services adjusted to their needs taking into account the CB needs and the challenges of the wider context.

The forthcoming activities will be published soon.